Traditional Owners strengthen Country with biosecurity planning

In 2023 the First People of the Millewa–Mallee Aboriginal Corporation (FPMMAC) completed a biosecurity planning project to enhance protocols for protecting Country from the harms of pests and diseases. With operations spanning multiple sites, including Neds Corner, a nursery and a seed bank, FPMMAC recognised the critical need for a robust biosecurity plan to safeguard its assets and mitigate risks posed by invasive species and diseases.

The project was part of a pilot initiative to support Traditional Owner participation in biosecurity, funded by Agriculture Victoria.

The process

FPMMAC engaged expert consultants in biosecurity planning to guide the organisation through the development process. This involved site visits, assessments and consultation with staff to assess existing biosecurity measures and identify opportunities to strengthen what they were already doing.

The outcome

FPMMAC focused on creating practical tools to support the biosecurity plan.

Resources developed include tailored, site-specific posters to visually communicate unique threats, risk pathways and recommended biosecurity actions. The posters act as a daily reminder and prompt to reduce risks.

The biosecurity plan incorporates existing resources such as the local council weed identification manual. The manuals are kept in vehicles for quick and easy onsite referencing.

Strong biosecurity, strong Country

With a biosecurity plan in place, reference guides and posters at each site, staff are equipped to protect FPMMAC enterprises from pests and diseases.

The plan is a proactive tool for minimising the introduction and spread of invasive species and diseases. Staff know how to identify and swiftly address potential threats to reduce harm to native plants and animals.

FPMMAC’s biosecurity plan contributes to the preservation of Country and ecological integrity of its sites, along with the protection of its commercial enterprises.

Implementing strong biosecurity measures supports FPMMAC’s efforts with projects such as the successful revegetation at Neds Corner and the conservation of native animal populations.

More information

Establish a biosecurity plan for your Country, property or enterprise:

  • Industry peak bodies (such as Nursery and Garden Industry Victoria) provide a range of biosecurity planning information and templates.
  • You can also find links to a range of livestock biosecurity plan templates on the Agriculture Victoria webpage farm biosecurity planning and templates.
  • Ask the Aboriginal Landholders Information Service for the framework that supports Traditional Owner Corporations to evaluate their unique needs and create biosecurity plans by emailing

Find out how you can contribute to a stronger biosecurity system by contributing to one or more of Victoria’s Biosecurity Strategy goals.


Poster titled 'Biosecurity – Keeping Country healthy, with text box saying, 'Biosecurity is the actions we take to protect Country from weeds, feral animals, bugs and diseases'. It lists various threats, pathways and actions.